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Zombie Bake-Off: Absurdity makes it a winner

There are two types of horror I like – the first being the kind that is creepy and makes me wonder with a little trepidation what that noise I heard in the other room is.

And the second type – the kind full of absurd violence and blood mixed in with equally absurd humor that makes me laugh.

With “The Only Good Indians,” author Stephen Graham Jones proved that he can do a wonderful job with the first type. With “Zombie Bake-Off". Jones proves he is equally as adept at the second time.

The story has the right recipe for laughs – take a group of professional wrestlers with names like “Tiny Giant,” “Graceland Elvis,” and “Jerry the Pharaoh,” and blend them together with a group of soccer moms at the same convention center add a dash of zombies, season it with a lot of blood and voilà, you have yourself a perfect dessert.

Oh, the violence is extreme – zombies, as is their way, eat a lot of brains. But Jones does a good job of mixing in humor, particularly in the big panic scene. There is a line about one of the soccer mom using her Tae Bo to fight the zombies. I literally laughed out loud when I read that, making Bear (my tailless giant cat) jump a mile.

Jones does not lose energy and keeps the violence and humor going through the whole book. The one minor negative is I found myself not caring about many of the main characters, but that’s not unusual in this type of novel (absurd violence and humor). It’s definitely more of a problem in the creepy/scary types of horror.

If you like zombies and funny horror writing, I highly recommend “Zombie Bake-Off.” It’ll keep you engaged and you’ll at least chuckle more than a handful of times.

“Zombie Bake-Off”

Stephan Graham Jones

Lazy Fascist Press, 2012

256 pages

Click here to buy

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