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#TBT Movie Reviews: Sleepaway Camp

OK, even if you don’t like this movie, you need to watch it until the very end. Seriously, don’t turn “Sleepaway Camp” off until after the final scene. Trust me.

I’m a child of the ‘80s and I still have a soft spot for horror movies of that era. Sure, a lot of them are cheesy. A lot of them have horrible acting. Yeah, and maybe a lot of them don’t make a heluva lot of sense. So, they can be still fun.

“Sleepaway Camp,” a 1983 movie directed and written by Robert Hitlzik is an ‘80s horror classic. And yes, the acting is horrible. The script may not be the best – “She’s a real carpenter’s dream: flat as a board and needs a screw,” is one of the better lines in the movie –and the special effects may be on the weaker side. It’s cheesy, but like good cheese, a cheddar or something, not American cheese. Full disclosure, I own a box set that includes the first three "Sleepaway Camp" movies.

Anyhow, the plot is pretty simple. Angela is sent to live with her aunt and cousin after a horrible family tragedy and is sent with her cousin to summer camp.

Angela, a quiet girl is bullied by a lot of the other children and a camp counselor or two. The camp also features a pedophile cook and many folks with bad hair.

Shockingly….really shockingly…people start to die. And they die by some inventive ways – killed by a beehive dropped on someone’s head, bow and arrows, decapitations and a very memorable death involving a hot curling iron.

Who is doing the killing? Is it shy Angela? Is it her protective cousin Ricky? Maybe it’s Judy, the meanest of the mean girls?

Is this movie good? No. Is it fun? Yes. Would I recommend it? Yes.


Sleepaway Camp (1983) Directed by Robert Hiltzik 1 hour, 23 minutes Order it here

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