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TBT Movie Review: The Prince of Darkness

When you combine director John Carpenter and actor Donald Pleasence good things happen…or to be more accurate, bad things. Bad in a good way, though.

Obviously that was the case in “Halloween,” and it was also the case for the not as-well-known but fantastic “Prince of Darkness,” a 1987 horror film that blends theology and science into a nice little package.

An added bonus: Alice Cooper, my all-time favorite musician, has a nice role as a homeless man who later becomes sort of zombified by Satan. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Seriously, check out Alice Cooper - favorite albums include "Billion Dollar Babies," "Welcome to My Nightmare," and "Love it to Death."

Pleasence stars as a priest who finds a container of green liquid in the basement of a Los Angeles church. Being suspicious of the green good, as one would be, the priest contacts a professor and his grad students to come investigate to see what exactly it is.

Somehow, using the power of science (I can’t say if it was accurate, I was never good at science) it was discovered the green goo was actually alive and that it may be Satan, or at least his essence. Joking aside, I really liked how the fusion of science (even if it’s not real) with the religious aspects of the evil.

Somehow the goo starts to infect people in a zombie-like possession, including Alice Cooper, many other homeless folks and some of the grad students. It doesn’t even take a bite to become a zombie, apparently a Roman shower will do it.

Bad things start happening and something has to be done to stop the goo from releasing something even more evil. There are some really good deaths, which is fun for everybody.

The score, also done by Carpenter, is excellent, and Pleasence is always welcome in a horror movie. The plot seems convoluted, but it moves well and there are definitely some really good moments. Really, the whole movie just has a creepiness to it. If you haven’t seen it, I would recommend it.

Prince of Darkness

Director John Carpenter 1987 1 hour, 42 minutes Buy it here.

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