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Sparkly vampires? You won't find those in 'With Teeth'

Author Brian Keene’s vampires aren’t sparkly and cute or dark and sophisticated or even romantic and caring.

No, the vampire’s in Keene’s “With Teeth,” are monstrous creatures that are closer to wild rabid cougars than Lestat or Edward Cullen or Angel and Spike. All they care about is blood. Can’t blame them, I imagine they’re craving it like I’m craving a pizza after not having a slice for months. I'm afraid I'll be turning feral soon.

“With Teeth,” takes place in rural West Virginia where a group of middle-aged men living at or below the poverty line come up with a plan to make some real money to solve their problems.

Unfortunately for them, the plan involves going into a hollow that used to be where moonshine was made. Things quickly go south.

The speed and ferocity of the violence is fantastic, and once it starts, it doesn’t stop. The vampires are hungry and these friends are the first real meal they’ve had in quite some time.

I figured, based on the length of the book, it would be all action ad no real story. I was wrong. Keene does a wonderful job of developing the characters enough to make the story go. You care about them and their relationships. He makes you understand why they decided to do what they planned despite the dangers involved.

Unfortunately for them, the vampires don’t care about the emotional connection this group of men share or their reasons.

An extra bonus, at least with the Kindle version (not sure if in print) is Keene included two short stories about vampires. They are both very different from each other and the main story, but quite fun.

“With Teeth,” is a wonderfully violent vampire story unlike many you read with good characters and a good story. If you’re sick of kinder, gentler vampires, “With Teeth” is for you.

With Teeth

Brian Keene Death’s Head Press (2021) 140 pages Buy it here

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