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'Inheriting Her Ghosts' will creep you out in a good way

I like creepy books, but I rarely feel creeped out. Maybe I’m desensitized since I’ve been reading horror fiction since I was around 8 years old.

But, I was legitimately creeped out while reading “Inheriting Her Ghosts,” by S.H. Cooper, which was released last week. The book even invaded my dreams, which rarely happens.

The story takes place during the Victorian era and follows Eudora Fellowes, who lives her life against normal conventions of her time period as she is a woman in her 40s who chose not to marry, instead enjoying her own company, as well as the company of her two Irish wolfhounds, Black Shuck and Cerberus, who are the goodest boys to ever exist in horror fiction.

Eudora inherits a house in the country from her great aunt, who she hasn’t seen since childhood. Once she arrives at High Hearth, she finds out from her great aunt’s solicitor that those in the town believed her aunt to be involved in the black arts. Eudora scoffs at that and begins the what appears to be a monumental job of cleaning up the large estate.

However, things start to happen. At first, Eudora thinks it’s her imagination or the wind or just…anything. But it quickly becomes apparent things aren’t right. Eudora and her giant pups may have moved into High Hearth, but they are not alone.

The story starts intentionally slowly. Cooper doesn’t throw the haunting right into the readers face. Instead, she starts slow, building it up. That slow build up is what gives “Inheriting Her Ghosts” the creepy factor I really enjoyed. The reactions by Eudora and the dogs are very real and you can feel Eudora’s emotions of uncertainty and fear coming from the pages.

“Inheriting Her Ghosts” is a top-notch ghost story with a great protagonist, good side-characters and a well-thought out background of why the haunting is occurring. It's the kind of book that will make you give an extra thought to that noise coming from the other room at night.

Inheriting Her Ghosts

S.H. Cooper Independently Published (2021) 156 pages Buy it here

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