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Camp Slasher: A love letter to '80s slasher flicks

I never met author Dan Padavona, but I have a feeling we have similar tastes in ‘80s horror movies.

His book, “Camp Slasher: A gory, dark horror novel,” reads like an ode to slasher flicks of the 1980s, a genre of movies I have an extreme soft spot for.

The basic plot is a group of teens (or maybe people in their early 20s, I don’t think it was specified) are in a remote forest because they were hired to help renovate a long-closed summer camp called Camp Bear Lake. Bear Lake sounds so much more intimidating than Crystal Lake.

Surprisingly, there is something dangerous lurking in the woods….something that will cause a lot more problems than the native wildlife.

The characters standard-slasher type characters – a good girl, her friend who may be a little more sexually daring, a meathead guy, a creepy guy, a sensitive outsider. The sheriff is competent but there is an issue with one of his deputies that could lead to a near disaster.

Sound familiar? Yes, it’s what you would expect from a good, standard, slasher movie. It’s like slipping on an old shoe – it’s what you expect and what you want.

Padavona does a really good job with the story. He does a good job of establishing the characters enough that you care about what happens to them. The antagonist is described in a way that makes him seem formidable enough to take a licking and keep on kicking.

And, best of all, the deaths are fantastic, creative and violent and bloody as all hell.

Padavona gives the reader exactly what they want and he does not fail on delivering the goods. Definitely worth a read.

Camp Slasher: A gory dark horror novel

Dan Padavona Independently Published (2018) 273 pages Buy it here

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