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Boo....did I scare you?

Updated: May 16

When my friends had posters of sports heroes or women on their walls, I was the weird kid who had posters pulled from "Fangoria" and "Gorezone." Jason Voorhees, Pinhead, Toxie and Michael Myers had prominent spots on my wall. Heck, I used the extra posters instead of brown paper bags as book covers for my text books in high school.

Even more than horror movies, I've been a fan of reading about horror. I love a good ghost story, or a tale of a monstrous creature from hell, a vampire yarn or, the scariest, a person who has turned to darkness.

I've been reading horror novels for most of my life - I started with Stephen King when I was 9 (my mother left her books in easy places for me to grab). I started watching horror movies when I was 4 when my aunt took me to the drive-ins for a double feature of "Jaws" and "Piranha."

Simply put, I love horror. It's been part of my life and who I am since I was a child. And this is how I want to share that love.

I plan on using this space to talk about books I've read, books I plan to read and maybe things I feel are missing from modern horror. I plan on including author interviews in the future. There will also be posts about horror movies, current day and movies of the past.

Be warned, I'm a child of the '80s and I have a weakness for the slasher flicks of that era.

I don't plan on limiting myself to the big names in horror. If you follow me on social media, you know I read a lot of self-published or small publisher-produced books. Some of the best horror writing today can be found in those categories.

So, join me. I'll post here whenever the mood hits. Feel free to hit me up in my contact section with questions, comments and recommendations.

Let's get scared.

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