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'Bigfoot in the Bronx,' a fun story with a heart

“Bigfoot in the Bronx” was not exactly what I expected, but in a good way.

The title and the cover – a cartoonish, monstrous creature in the middle of the city – made me think it was going to be a pulp horror novel – a lot of cheesy one-liners, violent as hell and just a fun throwaway read.

And there are elements of that in the book – the deaths are very violent and creative and sometimes humorous – but author Hunter Shea gives the story a heart and emotion. As the kids say (I think) it kind of hits you in the feels at some points.

The story follows Shay and Vito, long time best friends who heads to the woods to go deer hunting. A yearly trip that is for fun, this year things are a little different. Shay is in a bad place financially, and shooting a deer would provide meat for him and his family for quite some time.

As the pair hunts, they come across a Bigfoot running down a deer. After an unknown to Shay and Vito person shoots the beast with tranquilizers, and Shay

sees dollar signs in the form of what he believes is a dead cryptid, so he and Vito decide to take it home to reveal it to the world.

Well, the book would be over if the Bigfoot was dead, so you know that it was just out cold. When it wakes up, the creature is confused, scared and hungry. Luckily for the Bigfoot, it’s Halloween, so when it hits the street, it doesn’t stand out as much as it normally would.

What follows are some deaths, and some interesting imagery of how a Bigfoot would survive in the Bronx, with visits to a park and the subway included.

What stands out is when Shea tells the story from Bigfoot’s perspective. It’s an unusually smart animal but it’s not at the level of human intelligence. The sounds, sights and scents in the Bronx scares it, and all it wants to do is get back home where it’s safe and it can live in its own world, mostly in piece. The fear and desperation is clear


Shay and Vito are great lead characters. They are about 40 years old and their friendship comes off as very true to life. I have friends like they are, who know everything about each other and will do things with that they’d never do with someone else.

The best compliment I can give “Bigfoot in the Bronx,” is I liked it so much it has inspired me to read more from Hunter Shea. I love a good violent story with a heart and this is it.

Bigfoot in the Bronx

Hunter Shea Severed Press (2021) 176 pages Buy it here

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