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Bigfoot gets miffed in "The Easton Falls Massacre"

In my hometown, there’s an area of town known as “Monster Land.” It’s where, supposedly a Bigfoot-like creature dwells, or at least used to dwell.

I always heard about the monster when I was growing up, and it has left me with a soft spot for Bigfoot stories. There’s something about them I just love, such as last year’s “Devolution” by Max Brooks, which was one of my favorite books of the year.

More recently, I read “The Easton Falls Massacre: Bigfoot’s Revenge,” by the wife and husband author duo of Holly Rae Garcia and Ryan Prentice Garcia. Talk about a fun read.

The story follows U.S. Army Veteran Henry Miller (could be my cousin, based on our names) after he returns home from seeing time in the Middle East and starts a dream life with his girlfriend. As this is a horror story, that dream quickly goes south.

To help get over his hurt, Henry heads to the Black Forest near the East Cascade Mountain Range to do some hunting. He sees a large creature he thinks is a large bear and he shoots and kills it. Spoiler alert: It ain’t a bear.

What it is a Bigfoot creature, one of several who live together near the mountains. They have been mostly peaceful for centuries.

As you can guess, they stop being peaceful. Things get bad…very bad. Apparently, the worst thing you can ever do is kill a Bigfoot.

What follows is a symphony of violence that the small Washington town is not prepared for. We’re talking limbs torn, heads removed, blood spurting everywhere. You know, good times.

Despite all of action that’s packed into a relatively short book, the author duo does a good job of making the main character and a couple of side characters more than one-dimensional. You start to care what’s happening to the characters.

The story is action packed from start to finish, the violence is fantastic and it’s well-written. It’s definitely worth a read.

The Easton Falls Massacre: Bigfoot’s Revenge

Hollie Rae Garcia and Ryan Prentice Garcia Easton Falls Publishing, 2021 141 pages Click here to buy

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